Frustrated by
"those days"?

Do you love working in Early Childhood or Primary Education but get frustrated when the wonderful feelings we get from seeing children learn and grow are overshadowed by the challenges of getting them to behave positively, and teaching them respect and responsibility?

Teaching respect and responsibility in schools
Teaching better behaviour, respect and responsibility in the classroom

Not only do we have the normal everyday pressures of staff shortages, rosters, runny noses and the myriad other routine wreckers, there are more and more children with challenging home-lives who act-out in the classroom. Not to mention the ‘helicopter’, ‘lawn mower’ and overstressed parents to work with as well!   

Do you want




The ikiMagic Story

Hi I’m Kim, creator of iKiMagic. I’m a teacher, a parent and a grandparent and I’ve experienced how life changing it is when everybody is ‘on the same page’ about expectations and about how to manage behaviours positively, consistently and fairly.

I’ve worked in High Schools, Primary and Preschools, as well as in community centres and fitness clubs for the past 4 decades. I love teaching, love those moments when students ‘get it’. When the light bulb goes on and they KNOW they can do it. Know that they can learn that new skill, be a great friend, climb that hill…

I’ve taught in situations where it was a struggle to get students to engage  in learning – where students didn’t have the focus or confidence to learn, or to allow others to learn.  I’ve also taught in wonderful learning environments, full of students bursting with excitement to learn and grow.

I understand the challenges Educators and families face, and am passionate about making classrooms safer, happier learning environments for all participants

Park ECEC in Dubbo has been using iKiMagic for the past 7 years. Owner Justine Richards talks to Kim about the difference it makes every day.

The Solution

We all want our children, our students, to grow up to be the best they can be. We want them to be happy, healthy and strong and to be positive, contributing members of our families and communities. One of the keys to this is to teach them to respect themselves and others and to take responsibility for their actions.

There are literally thousands of courses, programs and books that provide knowledge and strategies to achieve that, but most require mountains of study and years of practice.

The key is clarity and consistency.

Teachers, families and children are on the "same page" about expectations

Everyone agrees about how they should behave

Everyone understands the consequences that follow our choices and about how and why the rules work.

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how to have better relationship with kids

ikimagic starts with old wisdom

iKiMagic takes time-proven strategies and distils them into 3 “Rulz”, adds music, some modern touches to take out the hard work, and abracababra!!! A “Tantrum taming tool” that’s practical, fun to use and works like magic.

Well behaved and respectful students

ikimagic provides a formula

You’ll understand the ikiMagic strategies in 5 minutes and can implement them immediately. You will literally see changes in your children’s behaviour – and your stress levels – overnight!

Better behaviour in the classroom and happier teachers

ikimagic works in the classroom

iKiMagic uses language and strategies that reinforce your values and link with the Early Years Leaning Framework and National Quality Standards. You’ll be stunned how your staff and children will love it.

And you can share it with your families via iKiMagic At Home.

iKiMagic helps teach respect and responsibility

It’s not quite “pop-a-pill-and-everything- will-be-wonderful” easy, but it’s as close as we can possibly get in the real world. (And remember, ‘popping a pill’ solutions can have nasty side effects.)


There ARE side effects. They include:

Happier staff

Calmer rooms

More confident children and families

The Evidence

iKiMagic is based on best practice from sources including:

The Early Years Learning Frameworks (EYLF)

The consensus is that the keys to improving children’s behaviour, learning and health outcomes include:

Consistent, clearly stated rules and routines

Regular reminders of what's expected

Practical positive ways to teach children to "own their life", to take responsibility for their choices and to learn positive lessons from the consequences of their actions.

The evidence also shows that consistent, positive communication between educators is essential.  Many EC Services and Schools experience high staff turnover with the result that confusion can occur when explaining WHY children should behave in a certain way, do certain things or just be nice to each other.

“Because I need you to” or “Because that’s the way it is” don’t cut it. iKiMagic provides simple, clear explanations, in language  that makes perfect sense, is fair, positive and empowering. For everyone.  

iKiMagic has been in use in Early Childhood Centres, Preschools and Primary Schools for more than a decade. You, your staff, children and families will love it. It WORKS…

better behaved student for happier teaching staff

iKi Testimonials

Let’s hear from people who’ve done the Workshops and have been using iKi long term.

Hear what Teachers and Educators have to say about the NESA Accredited, iKiMagic Safe Respectful Learner, Teacher Professional Learning Workshops.

Loved the hands-on learning and everyone was made to feel very involved in the day.
Simone Newell
Forbes Preschool
Very enjoyable and interesting Workshop. Looking forward to using the strategies, songs, etc.
Janelle Quinlin
Cooloon Childrens Centre
Loved how it reinforces the things I so passionately believe as a dedicated teacher. 
Trinity Preschool, Orange
Loved it – it is so complimentary to what we have focused on for our staff and children. This will help us apply it.
Kristy Hyndes
Director, Gilgandra Preschool
Your formula for respectful and responsible students for a happier classroom


  1. The iKiMagic RULZ Posters and the Look Listen and Learn Songs – with several mixes, so you can make your own version…
  2. The iKiMagic Quickstart Guide, which gives you everything you need to get started, in a 5 minute read.
  3. The iKiMagic Rewards Chart and Tokens which teach about responsibility and consequences, which builds resilience.
  4. The unique iKiFit Energisers. A fantastic way to bond and build healthy life skills – fundamental movement skills, dance, co-ordination, flexibility, strength. Plus, there are fun ways to build interest in fitness and at the same time teach your children about respect and responsibility
  5. Last but not least – a iKiMagic Teacher Professional Learning (TPL) Workshop with iKiMagic creator Kim.
iKiMagic logo
The day exceeded all my expectations and I think it was the best staff development day that we ever had. The staff were totally engaged and gave very positive feedback at the end of the day.
Anne Holden
Principal Trangie Central School


There is an iKiMagic Teacher Professional Learning (TPL) Workshop to suit you:

You can choose from One Day OR Half Day Whole Staff
Inservice, Online or Regional Workshops.

iKiMagic Safe Respectful Learners (SRL) Workshop Outcomes

These Courses provide teachers and educators with knowledge and systems to manage behaviours and to optimize student learning. Effective classroom management requires use of Evidence Based tools, including positive guidance strategies for promoting appropriate individual behaviour and maintaining good group-learning environments.

help for teachers in the classroom

For Services

These Workshops meet Long Day Care Professional Learning Program (LDCPLP) funding requirements.

your formula for better behaviour in the classroom

For Teachers

The iKiMagic Safe Respectful Learners Courses address Elements 1.2.1 – 1.2.4 – 2.1.2 – 2.6.2 – 3.5.2 – 4.2.3 – 4.3.2  and 5.2.5 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The One Day Workshop provides 5 hours of Elective PD and the Half Day Workshop provides 3 hours Elective PD.

In the Workshops you learn

Studies show that children need positive, fair and consistent guidelines to flourish.  Via a catchy song, students learn the iKi Rulz and quickly ‘own’ them. These Rules provide the language and actions to teach expectations and consequences in a way that is easy to implement in the classroom, the playground and at home.  

Additionally, research proves that incorporating physical activity into learning environments leads to changes in brain activity, better performance in cognitive tests, concentration and social interaction. iKi SRL Workshops show how to use iKiMagic Energiser activities, engaging students in fitness and positive life skills.

And did we mention it’s fun?