IKIMagic Safe Respectful Learner

Hi, I'm Kim,

Owner and director of iKiMagic Safe Respectful Learners, for Early Childhood Education services and Primary Schools and iKiMagic at Home, for families and carers.

I help Teachers, Educators and families teach children positive behaviours and healthy life skills. Most Teachers have to deal with children (and parents) who can be challenging and disrupt learning – and there are many families who are struggling in today’s fast changing world.

iKiMagic provides a turnkey solution that excites children about learning, as well as teaching them about rules, respect and responsibility in a positive, fun way.

“Brilliant philosophy. Love that it focusses on clear, concise goals and language”. Roxanne Honeysett, Dunedoo Preschool

Roxanne Honeysett

Dunedoo Preschool

Why me?

I’m a teacher, a parent and a grandparent. I’ve learned how very powerful it is when we share positive values and agree on fair rules for everyone.

All happy, healthy, strong families, communities and nations are the same – they’re fair, they share, and they take responsibility for their choices and ‘own’ the consequences of their actions.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that if you’re working in Early Childhood Education, you’ll be having some of “those days” – when the wonderful feelings we get from seeing children learn and grow, are overwhelmed by the challenges of getting them to behave positively, to be respectful and to share happily with other children.

Not only do we have the normal everyday pressures of rosters, runny noses and the myriad other routine wreckers, there are more children with challenging home-lives who can be very disruptive. Not to mention the stressed, ‘helicopter’, ‘lawn mower’ and overworked parents we have to deal with as well!

Fortunately, there is something else we know for sure; Children are much more likely to become engaged and resilient when they have time each week in a happy, safe, caring learning environment. A place where they can see there is ‘another way’.

“Not what I thought it would be – it’s so much more. Fantastic, love all the statistics and reasons why we do what we do.
Very interactive”.

Nicole Chapman

Gilgandra Preschool

Before I go any further,

I’d like to explain why I’m so interested in what helps make families, schools and communities happy, healthy and strong — and what doesn’t.

I graduated from UNE in 1978 with an Arts degree, a Diploma of Education and a Black belt in Tae Kwon Do and have been teaching ever since. I’ve worked in Preschools, Primary, Central and High schools, as well as in fitness and community centres.

I’ve taught in places where it’s been a struggle to engage students in learning. In classrooms filled with students who didn’t have the calmness or confidence to learn, or to allow others to learn. I’ve noticed during my 40 years of teaching that as the world has become faster and more complex, those problems have grown even more pressing; There are more fractured families, more overworked parents, more stressed children who ‘act up’ which adds up to more pressure on teachers.

I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Like most families we’ve been through challenging times; In all honestly there were times we struggled badly and my family has experienced some of the awful pain that can result from an over stressed family life. Fortunately, we have had wonderful times as well. I understand both sides of the fence.

So, between my teaching experiences and the ups and downs of parenting and grandparenthood, I’m passionate about understanding why, – for families, schools, communities and nations – some strategies work so much better than others.

With the endless news cycles bombarding us with never ending crisis it’s easy to overlook the fact life and work can be wonderful. Let’s take a moment to reflect a little: We all dream of how class rooms CAN be places where the rules are clear, fair and consistent for everyone, where children are well behaved and polite, where they happily share and understand that their behaviour affects others so they behave responsibly. A place where people are NICE to each other and treat each other the way we all want to be treated; thoughtfully, respectfully, kindly.

Yes, I know, it can’t always be THAT perfect. Life happens, children have emotions, challenges and bad days just like us – and their job IS to push the boundaries. But it IS possible most of the time, especially when everybody; staff, parents and children all know they’re on the same team.

Can the Dream come true? There’s a saying that “All happy families, schools and communities are the same and all unhappy ones are unhappy in different ways”.

“Kim and the iKiFit team are very passionate and dedicated to improving the wellbeing of all students.
The Professional Learning they provide staff is of the highest calibre and I highly recommend them to help create a
culture of safe and respectful learners”.

Scott Olssen

Principal, Peak Hill Central School

I hear you ask, ‘How are happy families the same?’

Answer; All well-adjusted, resilient groups have core values they share and agree on. Yep, they bicker and argue sometimes – that’s people. But they abide by fair rules that are applied consistently, they accept the umpire’s decision and ‘own’ the consequences.

We actually live with that every day. For example, we have road rules that are very similar in all states – rules we understand are for the safety of the majority, rules most of us obey most of the time; because we agree that they are fair, sensible and have positive outcomes for the majority of our communities.

iKiMagic brings old wisdom back in a fresh, new way. It begins by Introducing 3 rules into our lives. 3 simple rules that make good sense and are about fairness, respect/ responsibility and safety. And it provides powerful tools to teach and affirm the rules and keep us on track in a positive way.
It’s easy to use, it’s great value, you can customise it to fit YOUR classrooms. It’s online, it’s got catchy music you and your children will love. It’s evidence based, it’s accredited, it WORKS and it includes all the resources you need to be up and running in no time….

“Workshop was AMAZING. Love, love love this course. Excited to get started implementing it at work and home”.

Helena Williams

Warriewood Childcare

And it's fun!

OK – you’ve listened to me get excited about iKiMagic but I’m probably biased; so let’s hear from people who’ve done the Workshops and who’ve been using iKiMagic long term.

iKi Testimonials

Park ECEC in Dubbo has been using iKiMagic for the past 7 years. Owner Justine Richards talks to Kim about the difference it makes every day.
Hear what Teachers and Educators have to say about the NESA Accredited, iKiMagic Safe Respectful Learner, Teacher Professional Learning Workshops.

“The principles of iKiFit embed in what we already do. It’s so good to reinforce what we are already doing in a new
and exciting way. So empowering for all levels.”

Amy Shine

Director, Forbes Preschool