to teach your kids

positive behavior

and healthy life skills.

Happier, better behaved children,
at home and in the classroom

iKiMagic is your formula for better behaved children

iKiMagic uses a magical formula to teach positive behaviours and healthy life skills at home and school.

Even the happiest, healthiest children can be challenging at times: – pushing boundaries, throwing tantrums and behaving selfishly. When we add different parenting styles, crowded schedules and ongoing uncertainty to the mix, we have the ingredients for “AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!”

iKiMagic works with even the most challenging children and behaviours. It’s effective anywhere, easy to explain and FUN to use.

How Does ikiMagic work?

IKIMAGIC provides a simple, proven formula to explain how we should behave and why. The iKiRulz, supported by music, video, posters and more, give educators, parents and carers the confidence to deal with any and all behaviours fairly, consistently and positively, and teach children about respect, responsibility and consequences.

It’s easy to use and you can get started in minutes. 

IkiMagic Programs For Better Behaved Children

At home or at school, iKiMagic is your tool for developing healthy, positive behaviour patterns in children.

iKiMagic Safe Respectful Learners (SRL)

Professional Development Workshops for Teachers and Educators

The Workshops teach Evidence Based positive behaviour strategies for everyday use in Early Childhood Centres, Pre and Primary Schools. They provide the knowledge and resources to get started immediately, and include team building activities to strengthen staff professionalism and morale – leading to happier rooms and better staff retention.

iKiMagic introduction for better behaved children

iKiMagic aT hOME

An Easy to Use Program for Parents

Familes can join online or obtain memberships through their child or children’s Day Care Service or Preschool. Family consultations and training are available via Video or Phone.

Kim was fantastic in helping us deal with our 2yr old in her behavior management and gave us some great techniques to use over multiple video sessions to ensure we become great parents to our child 🙂 Thanks again Kim!
Samuel S.

What are the benefits of ikiMagic?

Happier, healthier, stronger families, classrooms and communities.

Informative, fun and easy to use.

Supported by professional resources including music, video, posters and much more.