Teachers recommend iKiMagic for better behaved students

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Park ECEC in Dubbo has been using iKiMagic for the past 7 years. Owner Justine Richards talks to Kim about the difference it makes every day.

Hear what Teachers and Educators have to say about the NESA Accredited, iKiMagic Safe Respectful Learner, Teacher Professional Learning Workshops.

Brilliant philosophy. Love that it focusses on clear, concise goals and language.

Not what I thought it would be – it’s so much more. Fantastic, love all the statistics and reasons why we do what we do. Very interactive.

Kim and the iKiFit team are very passionate and dedicated to improving the wellbeing of all students. The Professional Learning they provide staff is of the highest calibre and I highly recommend them to help create a culture of safe and respectful learners.

Workshop was AMAZING. Love, love love this course. Excited to get started implementing it at work and home.

iKi SRL is a wonderful toolkit for lifelong learning. iKi SRL models the value of education, respect for oneself and those around you, as well as fairness, justice and diversity. It encourages children to work towards becoming the best versions of themselves and is applicable across the five early years learning framework outcomes. iKi SRL enables children to become confident within their environment as it defines boundaries and sets clear and consistent expectations of behaviour for both children and educators. The ‘language’ of iKi is catchy, simple and effective. We have noticed children are using the iKi Rulz positively to regulate their own behaviour as well as that of others. We hear ‘’you’re not doing the right thing- no play, no play- move away”. Even the under twos put a hand up and say "no play". A wonderful display that iKi SRL works and is meaningful to the children and staff alike!

The principles of iKiFit embed in what we already do. It’s so good to reinforce what we are already doing in a new and exciting way. So empowering for all levels.

We have seen such a difference in the children’s autonomy since implementing the program. They are confident in expressing themselves and are implementing the rules themselves within their play to ensure a safe, respectful environment for all. The program has assisted our Educators in teaching children about empathy towards others and we have found the whole environment has become a lot more positive, accepting and respectful of human differences. The children also love the iKiFit component where they get to dance and sing along using their iKi Sticks. It has been such a powerful and positive experience for all and the children are proud of their Power Positive Names and keen to show off their moves!

Implementing iKiFit into our centre programme has exceeded our expectations. The whole of staff professional development has allowed all educators to be confident implementing the programme across all ages. The messages, the actions and music appeal to everyone and its fun! Adding the iKi Sticks creates a whole new dimension of engagement for our older children. One of the best Whole of Educator Teams PD we have done.

Kim Macrae visited our school in November 2014 to demonstrate the fundamental principles of The Safe Respectful Learners Program. The students were engaged and have responded enthusiastically to the social and physical components of the program. These have been maintained as part of our morning routine with our school’s SRC leading the other students - fostering a responsible and positive attitude and overall school experience.