IKIMagic at Home

The Tantrum Tamer

Are you like so many busy parents, struggling to wrangle your growing family?

Would you like to learn to tame the tantrums, stop the sulks and nurture the niceness you love to see in your children?

SPECIAL BONUS: You’ll feel less stressed, less guilty and much calmer.

In today’s uncertain world, one thing we can be sure of is that if we have a young family, we’ll be worrying about how to raise our children to become happy, healthy and strong adults – and how to ‘get there’ without losing our hair, our sanity, our relationships…

Not only are we faced with work, health and financial challenges, there are SO many poor ‘role models’ in prominent positions. In sport, business, entertainment and government, there are people we do NOT want our children to turn out like. Then there are all the extra pressures of the ‘new normal’- more time indoors, more uncertainty, more…Well, you know! 

Hi I’m Kim, creator of iKiMagic. I’m a teacher, a parent and grandparent
and I’m excited about how life changing it can be when we learn how to manage
children’s behaviours in a positive, consistent way and teach them to make good

I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.  Like most parents, my wife and I struggled at times. In fact, there were times when we were at our wits end. We were hard working, stable, loving parents living a nightmare.

Let’s just say I became strongly motivated to find the keys to turn our family life around. It took years to research and build the outline and years more to put the key ingredients together in a way that works, simply and consistently.

We’ve all heard about ‘Common Sense’ not being so common, because it can involve intelligence, discipline and hard work.

iKiMagic starts with ‘old wisdom’, distils it into 3 “Rulz”, adds music, takes
out the hard work and abracababra – a “Tantrum taming tool” that’s practical, fun to use and works like magic.

iKiMagic provides a formula that you’ll understand in 5 minutes and can implement immediately. You will literally see changes in your children’s behaviour – and your stress levels – overnight.

iKiMagic helps all family members feel like valued
and loved members of your happy family unit. It changes tantrum throwers, sulkers or slackers into considerate, helpful children.

To be honest, it’s not quite “pop a pill and everything will be wonderful” easy, but it’s as close as it is possible to get in the real world (And remember, ‘popping a pill’ solutions can have nasty side effects)

iKiMagic uses fresh, wholesome ingredients to help make your happy, healthy, strong family dream come true. And you’ll be stunned how easy, effective and inexpensive it is.

WARNING: There ARE side effects. They include;- happier children, more laughter, a stronger relationship with your partner, less guilt and a calmer you. Oh, and they will pick up after themselves!

There have been myriads of books, studies and reports written about how to raise balanced, resilient children. They all agree that the ingredients to improving children’s behaviour, learning and health outcomes are:- consistent, clearly stated rules and routines, regular reminders of what’s expected and practical positive ways to teach them to ‘own their life’ – to take responsibility for their choices and to learn positive lessons from the consequences of their actions.

They also agree that loving, respectful relationships between family members are key.  In my experience a major problem in typical homes – with busy, often tired and over stressed parents – is the struggle to explain WHY our children – or ourselves or partner for that matter – should behave in a certain way, do certain things, or just be nice to each other.

“Because I need you to” “Because that’s what Dad said you have to do” and “Because that’s the way it is” don’t really cut it. iKiMagic answers those questions, quickly and consistently, in a way that makes perfect sense, is fair, positive and empowering. For everyone.

iKiMagic uses fresh ingredients to help make your happy healthy strong family dream real.

Have you heard old ‘saying’ “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”?

It’s called the ‘Anna Karenina Principle’ and refers to the fact that all successful groups; families, sports teams, corporations or countries, share the same values and respect the same rules.

 If we want well adjusted, happy children, we need to help them feel secure and loved, because that gives them the confidence to explore, learn and grow into their own unique self. Sensible, consistent rules that apply to all family members, supported by fair consequences teach them to take responsibility for their actions. 

It’s a formula that’s been tested for the last decade in Schools and Early Childhood Centres – it’s fun, it works and you and your children will love it.

"I can in all honesty say that iKiMagic is the best and most practical parenting resource I have come across and I am so grateful that iKiMagic has provided me with the parenting confidence I desperately needed, for the sake of my kids and my relationship..."

Dane & Helena


An iKiMagic at Home Membership gives you everything you need:

  1. The iKiMagic RULZ Posters and the Look Listen and Learn Songs – with several mixes, so you can make your own version…
  2. The iKiMagic Quickstart Guide, which gives you everything you need to get started, in a 5 minute read.
  3. The iKiMagic Rewards Chart and Tokens which teach about responsibility and consequences, which builds resilience.
  4. The unique iKiFit Energisers. A fantastic way to bond and build healthy life skills – fundamental movement skills, dance, co-ordination, flexibility, strength. Plus, there are fun ways to build interest in fitness and at the same time teach your children about respect and responsibility
  5. The iKiMagic at Home Ebook. Written by our own iKiMum, Amy Wellbourne, this is an empowering 15 minute read filled with information distilled from many hours of research, workshops and personal experience.
  6. Last but not least – a Free discovery session with iKiMagic creator Kim.

Schools pay $ THOUSANDS.

Many families pay $ HUNDREDS.

Special price for limited time

iKiMagic at Home normally $49 - NOW JUST $27

I can’t guarantee that iKiMagic will solve all of your family tears and fears overnight. I can and will guarantee that within hours of starting to use iKiMagic you’ll feel more confident, that within days you’ll notice that everyone in the house is calmer and happier. Within weeks you’ll be very pleasantly surprised how much nicer your family is and how much better you feel about your parenting. If you’re not completely happy you can let me know and receive a full discount. Let’s take a moment to think about who we want our children to become –positive, contributing members of our family, our community, our nation; To put it simply:- resilient, balanced, contributing people – or as Thomas the Tank Engine says, “Useful engines” What do we want our family homes to be like? Places where nice, healthy people live happily together? Do we want to share our homes with people whose company we enjoy, who we like, love and respect? People who share our values, pick up after themselves and contribute to the family to the best of their ability? People we are proud of because they understand the value of begin respectful and fair and with whom we can confidently, joyfully share our time, our hopes and dreams? For many years I sweated and strained putting iKiFit (as it was once called) into challenging Primary and Junior High Schools. – till I finally realised then is often just too late. Children imprint most of their habits by age 4. If we want our children to grow into the happiest, healthiest strongest adults they can be/come, we have to start them on the right path as soon as possible. Children respond to iKiMagic as soon as they can walk. Don’t let the dream become a nightmare. Have you heard the old proverb “A stitch in time saves nine” It is SO SO true. Sure, you have to get out the needle and thread, but’s it’s so much better to do that little task early on…