A magic formula for positive behavior and happy healthy life skills.

Why iKiMagic?

AT HOME children can be challenging at the best of times; they will push boundaries, throw tantrums, grizzle and sulk. When we add the current uncertainty to the mix, we have the ingredients for “AAAARRRGGGHHH”

AT DAY CARE AND SCHOOL All classrooms, like every home, have times when things don’t go as well as we’d like. On top of the normal disruptors such as runny noses, staff shortages/sickness, accreditation audits…

  • There are more and more children from ‘challenging’, ‘different’ and downright dis-functional homes, who can be very disruptive.
  • High staff turnover and differing teaching styles can lead to inconsistent classroom management which results in more staff turnover and less settled rooms.
  • ‘Helicopter’, ‘lawn mower’ and just plain ‘stressy’ parents can be a nightmare.

What does iKiMagic do?

IKIMAGIC AT HOME gives parents and carers the strategies and confidence to get on top of the grizzles, tame the tantrums, stop the sulks and get children to PICK UP AFTER THEMSELVES. Pretty much straight away.

iKIMAGIC workshops for TEACHERS and EDUCATORS introduce you and your staff to a proven, turn-key package that engages children with movement, dance and stories, teaching them about respect, responsibility and consequences. The practical, positive strategies help you build and maintain the Safe Respectful Learning environments that nurture happy, resilient, responsible, children.
The accredited workshops provide everything you need to start immediately;- evidence based, Every-Day Practice; posters, music and information for parents PLUS, they include team building components that strengthen staff professionalism and morale – leading to happier rooms and better staff retention.

iKiMagic has two components:

  1. iKiMagic Safe Respectful Learners (SRL) Workshops teaching positive behaviour strategies for everyday use in Early Childhood and Primary education and the home environment.
  2. iKiMagic Energisers: Unique fitness and healthy life activities, with content for toddlers to tween-age.

iKiMagic is ‘Turn-Key’ solution that starts working immediately with even the most challenging behaviours. It works everywhere, is easy to explain and FUN to use. Benefits include;

  • Happier, healthier, stronger families, classrooms and communities.
  • The NESA Accredited Teacher Professional Learning is informative, fun and empowering. At the end of the Workshops, participants understand the theory and practice and are confident to implement it immediately.
  • Mapped against the Early Years Learning Framework, The National Quality Standards (NQS) and Professional Standards for Teachers, iKiMagic is supported by professional resources including: music, video, posters and much more – all you need every day.

How does iKiMagic work?

iKiMagic works ‘straight out of the box’ and you can get started for as little as $7.97

  • If you want to ‘dip your toes’, you can start with an informative, easy to read eBook that explains the Top Ten Tips for raising Happy Healthy Strong children. Based on the best Parenting advice and including personal stories, this will be supported with Video version.
  • iKiMagic Online for Home or Teachers – includes Introduction to iKiMagic, The iKiMagic at Home eBook and QuickStart Guides PLUS everything you need; Music, Video, Posters and much more including a suite of Professional Support Docs for ECs and Schools.

What makes iKiMagic different?

While there are many Positive behaviour training programs for teachers and parents ‘out there’ iKiMagic is the only one that combines the theory and practise into one simple, “turn key” package that teachers, parents and children immediately relate to and enjoy.